One of my top five manta experiences….Today we were diving at Black Rock in Bat Islands (Isla Murcielagos) Costa Rica. The site was full of life and excitement when we saw this beautiful manta ray approaching us. She was coming right too me and swam over my head….I could have touched her…But I saw something strange happening by her tail and then I saw that it was an eagle ray and it was biting her and cleaning her back…. I have never seen this behavior before…There were three eagle rays playing with this manta plus the other cleaner fish…the yellow butterfly barbers and the king angels. She played with us for almost thirty minutes…close and personal. She had the shape of a wave on her belly close to her mouth so I named her Hola…which means wave and also hello in spanish… I like to name my special mantas….I have named Fantasma, Corazon, Stubby, Blackie and now Hola. Today was a private charter with one diver…we picked him up from the beach at the Four Seasons Papagayo…cant get much better than that…Hola, Barry and I…Solo GOOD! Reserve your adventures now!

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