Beautiful diving at La Pared in Catalina Islands, Costa Rica. We found this nice electric bulls eye ray. We actually saw several this day…Plus many other rays including devil rays, eagle rays and southern stingrays. We also explored a new site and saw a baby coronet fish as we were going down the line. We also saw three different types of nudibranches…they were everywhere…Like a nudi party. The scuba diving in the Gulf of Papagayo is always surprising. Our office is on the internet and on our boat which is moored in the Playa del Coco bay, Just a 30-40 minute boat ride from Catalina Islands. The diving is very beautiful and adventurous in this area. We only dive with small groups of maximum 5 divers on the boat plus two dive masters to offer you the best experience possible. We can arrange special packages that include a combination of excursions such as diving, beach exploring, surfing, snorkeling and sport fishing. Price depends on the details of the tour.

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