Another blast from the past. We have been having a lot of fun this last year! Here is a post from last June.

NEW! We now fishing and surfing trips! You can also also build your own customized excursions that includes fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach exploring trips.

pargo rokero

In the Gulf of Papagayo we have awesome fishing just twenty to thirty minutes from Playa Del Coco. Our captain has been fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo for more than twenty years and knows all the hot spots. Not to worry, the fishing hot spots are not the diving hot spots. Mi Reina Grace is fully licensed for sport fishing. For the half day trips we offer two options; locally, just twenty to thirty minutes from Playa Del Coco or you can upgrade and fish in the Catalinas area. Full day trips are also available. Depending on the season you have a chance to catch dorado, tuna, red snapper and grouper…catch and release is roosterfish and sailfish.

Amber Jack 80lbs
Jack Crevelle

Fishing licenses are required and are good for eight days. We can purchase this for you and add the price to your package or you can purchase it yourself through the INCOPESCA website.  You would then be required to bring the licence with you on the days you plan to fish.

red snapper
Red Snapper

Surfs UP….Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point are world famous surfing spots located in the Santa Rosa National Park, about a forty-five minutes boat ride from Playa del Coco. Witches is in front of Playa Naranja and Ollie’s is a bit north in Potrero Grande.

Witches Rock or Roca Bruja

Here is the story of how Witches Rock got her name. A long time ago in Playa del Coco, before all the cars and noise pollution existed…all was quiet in this peaceful fishing village. When the waves. tides and winds were just right you could hear a howling sound coming from the ocean from the northern direction. It was coming from this huge rock, like a witch crying in the night…and so the locals named it Witches Rock or Roca Bruja.

Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point are located in the national park. Park tickets are $15 extra per person per day. We will add this to the package and purchase these tickets for you. If you need to rent a surfboard we can also arrange this for you. Departure times for surfing depends upon the tides.

Sunrise in the Snake Bay / Bahia Culebra

Dive Time…Bat Time…Time to dive the famous Bat Islands (Isla Murcielagos) and see the big bull sharks at Big Scare. We made a couple of trips out there this past May and the bulls were beautiful as always. We also saw a school of barracudas and a huge grouper. When I looked up, I saw the school of barracuda and grunts…then I saw a huge shape, I thought it was a bull shark up in the shallows, then the fish turned and I saw that is was a grouper. It swam away very fast, so no photos. For my eyes only…LOL

Los Arcos is one of my favorite dive sites at Bats. It is located the farthest north and is the beginning of the Gulf of Papagayo. There are three underwater arches, one of the arches looks like the entry to Batman’s cave…it even has a chimney. The current was really strong when we were there…so we could not play there very long due to the surge. When you see the divers bubbles getting slurped through the hole…It is time to get a move on.

My 3,000th dive was at The Wall on Catalina Island at Shark Alley. I can’t believe I have that many dives…and just to think…I use to be afraid of diving! It was a very memorable dive. Just beautiful, lots of white-tip sharks, a bit of surge and the billowing waves above us… Nice! I had not dove this part of the site in a long time…it was good to be there again.

Local diving has also been really nice…clear and warm with lots of fish. We have been seeing lots of white-tip reef sharks, octopus, southern stingrays and eagle rays plus seahorses, tons of puffers and schools of fish. Perfect conditions for tons of FUN!

Southern stingray getting cleaned at Rusty II wreck at Tortuga Dive site.

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