Hola Amigos, we are posting some of our previous blog post to be included in our new website. Please enjoy the blast from the past.

We had a couple exciting accomplishments this June. We earned TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2017. This is the third year that we have won this prestigious award. And por fin we had our logo professionally done.

cropped-karie-and-kelley-mermaidsThe original art in our logo was created in 2011 by my daughter Karie, it has always represented to me… my daughters playing in the ocean…my little mermaids. The logo now represents how free we feel in the water while diving, like mermaids. The mermaids are all of us diving and surfing the waves. And everyone knows that the fisherman loves his mermaid and the mermaid loves her fisherman.

We plan to have shirts and caps made and to sell them on our website and Facebook. They are going to look pretty awesome!



Diving, Fishing and Surfing. Pura Vida

We had some nice rain showers this June. Typically it will rain in the early morning, clearing up for some pura vida fun. Later there can be some afternoon rain showers making for a good nap, then ending the day with awesome sunsets. The Pacific is beautiful this time of year… calm, warm and clear…Making for perfect conditions for snorkeling, diving and fishing. Captain Dani reported that they were catching lots of yellowfin tuna, dorado and red snapper. YUM YUM YUM!!!

We have had some interesting underwater encounters…Like we found a really confused octopus. We spotted him at Virador, one of my favorite local dive sites. He was just swimming out in the sand without a care in the world…. It is mating season for the octopus…I had read once that that if the female refuses to mate, that the male would remove his extra appendage and give it to her…and then he swims around confused for the rest of his life. Which would not be long if he keeps swimming out in the open like that. If you notice in the photo….one of his legs is quite a bit shorter…LOL

We also had an encounter with a very friendly turtle and found the weird fish at Punta Ballena, another one of our beautiful local dive sites. Plus we found a two legged starfish…guess it somehow managed to escape the harlequin shrimp.

Local diving has been pristine…Catalina Islands full of white-tips.  Bat Islands???? HOT…HOT…HOT

Tiburon Toro (Hembra) / Bull Shark (Female)

Wishing all of our amigos in Canada and the United States a Happy Independance Day. Hope to see you all soon for some fun adventures out on the water.

You can contact us below if you have more questions or would like to make a reservation. PURA VIDA!!!!!

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