WHOOOHOOOO Sirenas Diving Costa Rica has a New Website!

Check out our new on-line presence. Last year we made some more positive changes… we expanded our adventures to include fishing, and surfing. We had to begin with our new logo…Last year I had finally found someone to design our new logo…A friend had referred me to Matt and he designed our beautiful new logo using my daughter’s art. We also wanted to update our old website and he proved to be the man for the job. It has taken us a while but we wanted it to be perfect and full of useful information regarding our area….I mean it is one of our offices…so it has to look awesome! (Our other office is on the boat and under the sea). I had taken a break from blogging to work on text and all that fun stuff for the website. So…now here it is… Let us present our new office www.sirenasdivingcostarica.com


The original art in our logo was created in 2011 by my daughter Karie, it has always represented to me… my daughters playing in the ocean…my little mermaids. The logo represents how free we feel in the water while diving, like mermaids. The mermaids are all of us diving and surfing the waves. And everyone knows that the fisherman loves his mermaid and the mermaid loves her fisherman.I am so glad he was able to use this special piece of art and I am very happy with our new look!

I look forward to continuing my ramblings and I hope you all will continue to follow us and enjoy. Pura VIDA!


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