December through March is a good time of year to see the huge manta rays in the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica….BUT…Lets not forget about our smaller visitors that are very special and beautiful…Such as the Harlequin Shrimp (clown shrimp) and seahorses. Here is a pair of harlequin shrimp that we found at one of our pura vida local dive sites…just a few minutes from Playa del Coco. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful dive sites to choose from only 10-20 minutes boat ride from shore. Clown shrimp are normally always seen in pairs…the female is the larger one and can be found by herself hunting for starfish…they prefer the blue ones. The male usually stays home guarding the nest or their babies. It is said that they mate for life. Que CHIVA!
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