Living….Loving and Diving for over twenty years in the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica. I am so glad that I was able to overcome my fear of scuba diving. I was very scared when I learned to dive. I did it so I would have something fun to do with my ex-husband….Right away I had a bad experience and was even more afraid. My daughters were very young back then…and we decided to buy a dive shop and move to Costa Rica. I had to overcome this fear as a good role model for my daughters PLUS the pear pressure at the dive shop….I mean…I was an owner…With lots of patience from great dive masters and instructors I fell in love with scuba diving….I did all my training and did of diving….I am now a PADI diving instructor with over 3,500 logged dives and have been teaching in this area for over ten years. Still loving it….It is such a magical experience. Who would have thought… that this cowgirl from west Texas would do this… I am so glad that I came to Costa Rica and fell in love….In Love with Magic…In Love with life…In Love with Diving…Living…Loving and Diving! Pura Vida!!!

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