Since this morning we had the chance to see a yellow bellied sea snake on the beach in Playa del Coco…I though I would share this video of the spotted tiger snake eel. Eels are a type of elongated fish found in both marine and freshwater… Eels have gills and filter air from the water in order to breathe. Eels never have to go to the surface to breathe. Snakes have lungs and must come to the surface to breath. The yellow bellied sea snake is special and can adsorb the oxygen through his skin…which allows him to stay under the surface longer. Sea snakes are almost always venomous and eels are not venomous. Both can bite if they feel threatened.. further reinforcing the “don’t touch” creed divers should all know well! The spotted tiger snake eel is called this because of the way they mimic a snake by looking and moving around. If they are feeling bashful they will inch their way under the sand until you don’t see them anymore. So also remember to control your buoyancy and be careful when touching the sand. Living and Loving the adventures in the Papagayo.

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