Here is a post from March 2017 when I had begun to blog again and now here I am again…beginning to blog again.

Learning to blog again…I am pretty excited about this new adventure in my marketing strategies.  I think I have FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, You-Tube, Instagram, Linked-In somewhat in control…Now for the one marketing tool I have been putting off since December 2014…My blog. My diving buddy, Sirena Ranelle Emma, is helping me get the ball rolling again and making the blog presentation awesome….Maybe she will give us the honor of doing a guest blog ? I am really looking forward to this and I hope you all enjoy. This post is going to cover current pictures, videos and happenings from January 1, 2017 through February 2017 with my favorite diving friends.

Sirena Marlyn
Beautifulness at Bajo Tiberones
Getting down at Catalina Islands!
White-tip reef sharks at  Bajo Tiberones
Caballito del Mar (Seahorse)
Sirena Lucie checking out a weird creature.
White speckled moray eel


A few of my favorite merfolk ?

Strange egg shaped ball found at Palmares Wall. The only dive site we have seen this type of rock. It is pretty big and weighs a lot. A long time ago we used lift bags and lifted one. I had it for many years…and lost it in my move. Never cracked it open.  Wonder what is inside??? Geod???
Sirena Marlyn Making the splash
Sirena Irma posing with a turtle we found.
Aquaman Roy
Sirenas and Aquaman know how to have FUN!
YEA! Getting certified ROCKS!
Bullseye ray
Beautiful green moray eel
With the colder nutrient rich water we saw many different types of marine life including this shovel ray. We also found electric rays and popeye fish.
Shovel ray
Sirena Ranelle photo bombing       

Gumdrop starfish



Shovel ray
California butterfly ray
Puffer photo bombing an eel. He really wanted his picture taken.
Moray without puffer.
Scorpion fish
Chocolate chip starfish


Spotted snake eel

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