Last year we celebrated everyday and this year…we will continue to celebrate everyday.

PADI celebrated Women dive day on July 15th 2017. They even shipped us some really cool mask straps and some bags with cool stickers.  We have been sharing them with all of our women diving friends and will continue to share until there are no more…so lets go diving ladies. We celebrate Women Dive Day everyday.

It is too bad the pictures did not turn out…guess it falls into that category of “For My Eyes Only” At the beginning of July, while I was waiting at the mooring line…Captain Dani says….LOOK… dolphins. I look and can see them on the surface, then I look in the water and can’t see them so I started swimming and videoing. I can’t believe I actually saw three dolphin while I was in the water. I heard them squeak excitedly and with two flicks of a tail, they were gone. It was like…”Oh shoot…she saw us” This is the second time in almost twenty years to catch a glimpse of them while in the water. The first time was in the year 2000, on a safety stop at Catalinas. We could hear them while we were diving and then the noise became very strong, like static on the radio…when all of a sudden a pod of dolphin all bunched together came through this huge school of horse eye jacks. They were hunting, we saw them two times. The divemaster, Erik, tried to get photos but it happened so fast…No photos that time either. LOL

Here are some of the pictures of our fellow sirenas and their families that have been diving with us this last month plus some of the highlight photos for July. Hope you enjoy them, there were so many to choose from.

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